Cameron Handel proudly performs on Powell
Performing Experience:
Michael Bolton
Will Hoge
Soloist in Touring Cast of 
    Blast! and Blast II: M.I.X.
Charleston Jazz Orchestra 
Crescent Brass Quintet
Sol Driven Train 
Equinox Jazz Orchestra
Joe Clarke Big Band
Carolina Jazz Big Band
Charleston Symphony Orchestra
Super Deluxe 
Toca Toca
Leah Suarez
Pulse Trio

College of Charleston
Bachelor’s of Jazz Studies
Charleston, SC

University of Georgia
Athens, GA

Wando High School
Mount Pleasant, SC

Signature Trumpets and Facet Mutes.  Her experience and talents have allowed her to travel the world.



Her music has been heard around the world – in a stunning five-year stretch, touring with the Broadway hit “Blast!”, Cameron visited 47 countries! During that extraordinary period, she worked her way up to a featured solo performer, playing an extended solo with piano onstage while Michael Bolton did a quick change. Said Cameron: “It helped me grow immensely as a performer.”

A Charleston native, Cameron attended Laing Middle, Wando High, the University of Georgia and the College of Charleston. Over the years she’s performed with Adele, Bolton, Seal, Kenny G, Smoky Robinson, Davy Jones, Orianthi, Ruben Studdard, Dave Mason, Wycliffe Gordon and Arturo Sandoval (as a child).

Classically trained, Cameron began learning jazz late in her career (she compares it to learning mandarin, explaining: “I still have a long way to go before I’d consider myself fluent. . . . I’m looking forward to the day I can carry on an incredibly elaborate and confident conversation”). She’s been inspired by Louis Armstrong, Wnyton Marsalis, Trombone Shorty, Clark Terry and Blue Mitchell.

When she’s not up on stage, or caring for her young children (“I practiced a lot more before I had two babies in two years!”), Cameron’s giving lessons at local middle schools (Laing, Cario and Moultrie) and Wando High. And who’s the band director at Wando? Her husband, a percussionist, who’s also the drummer in her New Orleans Funk band, Cameron and the Saltwater Brass.

A few of Cameron’s musical notes:

  1. Aside from trumpet and flugelhorn, she’s played the piccolo trumpet and the ukulele. Asked how it feels when she plays music, Cameron said, simply: “Free.”

  2. When it comes to jazz, she loves “easy, laid back New Orleans style!”

  3. Cameron enjoys surfing, yoga and spending time outdoors (and she can dance! She was a backup dancer when she worked with Michael Bolton)


Cameron Handel - Trumpet

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